The perfect storm: Food and energy insecurities threaten the economies of the Western Balkan

The main goal of the project is to generate evidence and foster a policy dialogue for the food and energy insecurities in the Western Balkan economies pertinent to four key fronts: household livelihoods, firms’ competitiveness, fiscal space and the regional integration.

The specific objectives include:

  • To employ and empower the WEBecon network with respect to the national and regional policymaking processes on food- and energy-related policies, by generating evidence on the effects of the crisis on the WB economies and on the regional integration,
  • To enhance the policy dialogue and cooperation on energy and food supply security, by creating space for wide stakeholders’ consultations and networking at the regional level,
  • To increase the public awareness for the importance, consequences of and solutions to the food and energy crisis, including through regional approaches.

Donor: SMART Balkans Project

Duration: January 2023 - January 2025

Roadmaps on Western Balkan Labour Market Policies Database Alignment with the EU and Capacity Building for WB Partners

The main goal of the project is to evaluate the discrepancy between Western Balkan economies' current practices and the methodology of EU LMP Statistics and offer roadmaps to key stakeholders for harmonization with EU practices.

The project includes a comprehensive overview of current practices accompanied by data and recommendations that will help to advocate for labor market and social policy reforms to improve the employment opportunities and working conditions of citizens in the region. In addition, it involves activities to enhance the capacity of institutional stakeholders to align their practices in this area with the EU.

Donor: Employment and Social Affairs Platform (ESAP 2) - Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and International Labour Organisation (ILO)

Duration: June - September 2023