Values & Assets

WEBecon possesses the following values and assets, which constitute its comparative advantage

  1. A network of thinks tanks applying rigorous economic methods. All members of WEBecon possess applied knowledge in a variety of cutting-edge economic and econometric methods, to analyze the phenomena within its thematic domains, with a final objective to deliver excellence. This asset particularly includes the pioneering of impact evaluation methods in the Western Balkan, to rigorously evaluate the genuine effects of economic and social policies, measures and actions.
  2. A network of think tanks producing evidence based on data. This advantage is provided by the nature of economic and social sciences whereby abundance of data provides grounds for analysis, research and decisions based on facts and figures. This asset particularly includes network’s knowledge of available databases covering all Western Balkan countries, hence securing grounds for establishing a variety of composite indices to portray various aspects of the regional economic and social trends and policies.
  3. A network of think tanks well-positioned and influential in the policy debates. Data-driven and evidence-based advocacy is the common work of all network’s members, hence constituting its key advantage. All six think tanks and their representatives and members are highly regarded professionals, influential economists and policy makers, who contribute to making policy debates productive and robust.
  4. A network of strong governance and transparency. While the network is informal, a set of governing principles regulate the behavior within the network. Member think tanks do have their governing and financial regulations which secure operations in a cost-efficient manner, focused on outcomes and impact, and which deliver value for money.