🚀 Our latest initiative aims to enhance transparency on #StateAid

🌐 Exciting Project Announcement! 🚀 Our latest initiative aims to enhance transparency and gather valuable insights on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)-related #StateAid in the Western Balkan countries. 🌍

🎯 We are on a mission to explore:

1️⃣ What programs and measures does each WB-6 country have to support foreign companies, and how effective are they?

2️⃣ How much state aid is granted to foreign companies, and does it contribute to the effectiveness of regional integration?

3️⃣ Why is it important for the public to be aware of state aid transparency and its alignment with EU requirements in the WB-6?

Stay tuned for updates as we work towards fostering transparency and coordination in investment policies for the Western Balkans!🌟#StateAid#FDI#RegionalIntegration #TransparencyProject

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With the support of Open Society Foundations and Фондација Отворено општество – Македонија.